Monday, August 24, 2009

Off the Wall

I’ve really tried to stay away from blogging about Michael Jackson, but in light of the coroner ruling his death as a homicide today, I could no longer. I like many people was a fan of MJ. I liked his music and think he was a phenomenal entertainer. I watched his funeral and have read many of the news stories that have been posted about him. My son loves him, and has perfected the moonwalk. But of all the things that Michael Jackson had, it seems that he had one of the biggest holes in his life that he never got filled. It is frustrating to me to watch the world idolize someone, who had rightfully worked for his fame status, yet seems so incredibly empty inside. It seemed as though the more famous MJ got, the bigger his hole became, and the more he struggled to fill it. Michael Jackson has been called a lot of things from, King of Pop, entertainer, hero, icon, inspiration, etc, but I haven’t heard him called a “Christian”. That’s not to say he wasn’t, I don’t think whether or not the media reports something means it is or isn’t true. I have heard a few claims that MJ was a drug addict, but those claims are typically followed by blame on the doctors. I cannot imagine the unbelievable pressure he must have felt on a daily basis. To be unable to go out in public without a mob of people around, or to never trust anyone because of what their motives could have been, or to have to shield your children’s faces because you want to shield them from the life you had, must have been unbearable. What I cannot help but wonder is how different would Michael Jackson’s life have been had he been a Christian, and would the world have placed him on the same pedestal they did knowing that he claimed Jesus Christ as his savior? People in Hollywood practice different religions, from Scientology to Kabbalah, but it is very rare that you hear of someone who is a Christian. I hate to admit it, but instead of being happy to hear a celebrity claim Jesus Christ, I often feel surprised. It is similar to people who go to prison and suddenly find “God”, many people are skeptical of those claims. Are prisoners and celebrities outside of God’s grace? Are they in a lifestyle that contradicts Christianity so much that it comes as a surprise to hear that they also follow Jesus? Michael Jackson is just another example of the tragedy behind looking for happiness in the world. The biggest tragedy of all wasn’t Michael’s death. It is now what the world is going to do with that death and what they will learn from it. Now, there are claims that it was homicide and that it was the doctors fault that he died. Sure, the doctors should absolutely loose their medical licenses and pay for the negligence that they had. But, will fans of Michael Jackson use this as an opportunity to teach their children about what happens when fame, fortune, and the worlds opinion matters more to you than your relationship with Jesus Christ? I know I will. My son still listens to his music and has become quite a good impersonator, however, he also knows why Michael died, and it wasn’t simply because the doctors over-prescribed medication.

"For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul?" Matthew 6:26