Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Humanity of Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan isn't the sweet little girl from "Parent Trap" anymore. Or is she? She has certainly become a money- maker for the media, been made an example of by parents, been a source of entertainment for the general public, and been the #1 topic on many morning radio shows. But for what reason? Is it because of the public's insatiable need for voyeurism? Or because we find it impossible to look away from a train wreck no matter the apparent destruction going on in an individual’s life because it makes for good gossip? Whatever the case is, the humanity of Lindsay Lohan isn't a topic that gets discussed. Sure, her latest failed drug test, her latest excuse, and her latest miff at the media and seemingly careless attitude toward life in general certainly has seen its share of the limelight, but her humanity does not make for good TV. So, what about it? Despite her celebrity, her fame, her fortune, and her fans, Lindsay Lohan is a human being who is obviously hurting. In her human weakness, and inability to cope with all that life has thrown at her, she has chosen to deal with life in a very unhealthy manner. I have heard several people say about not only her, but also other celebrities (such as Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, and Anna Nicole Smith) that they do not understand what could possibly be making them so depressed. It is easy to assume that having fame and fortune is the cure-all for life's problems. However, fame and fortune do not fill emptiness. They are instead a shell of a life that is easily cracked by the humanity we all face no matter where we lie on the economic and popularity scale. Lindsay Lohan needs help, that much is a given. However, at this point, her celebrity status is failing her by shining a light on her misdeeds, and she seems to believe that accountability isn't applicable to her. She, like thousands of other people every day, have yet to hit a point where there is nowhere to go but Up. Many seem to view her as a lost cause and are waiting on a news report similar to the one that reported Michael Jackson and Anna Nicole Smith's death. When you strip down Lindsay Lohan's situation and look at her from a humanity standpoint, we all face a very real and similar situation. Now, I am not saying that we all go out and do drugs and party, to view that part of her situation would be missing the point. As human beings we are fallen, we are sinners, and we all need Jesus. We all face an emptiness that if ignored, will blossom into a full-blown black hole that will suck us into other destructive behaviors such as, anger, pride, guilt, drug abuse, sexual promiscuity, etc.  It seems that from the outside looking in, this is what Lindsay Lohan, in her humanity is facing. We all face this same emptiness, when we try to fill our hearts with things of this world that will inevitably fail us. I prayed for Lindsay Lohan this morning. I cannot say I have ever prayed for a celebrity before, but I truly feel bad for her. I do not know her, I find it highly unlikely that I will ever meet her, but I can certainly empathize with her humanity. I hope for her sake the media stops finding profit in her problems, society stops finding entertainment in her suffering, and we are able to recognize that we, like her, are all fallen and are in need of the Grace and Mercy of Jesus Christ.

"I cry aloud with my voice to the Lord; I make supplication with my voice to the Lord. I pour out my complaint before Him; I declare my trouble before Him. When my spirit was overwhelmed within me, You knew my path. In the way where I walk They have hidden a trap for me. Look to the right and see; For there is no one who regards me; There is no escape for me; no one cares for my soul. I cried out to You, O Lord; I said, "You are my refuge, My portion in the land of the living. Give heed to my cry, For I am brought very low; Deliver me from my persecutors, For they are too strong for me. Bring my soul out of prison, so that I may give thanks to Your name; The righteous will surround me, For You will deal bountifully with me." - Psalm 142:1-7